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Stainless Steel Pipes ( 212 )

Test Certificate
All Stainless Steel Pipes are shipped with test certificates.
8.00" S80S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC8200: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 369

£ 3,894.75 ex VAT
3.50" S80S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC8090: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 108

£ 991.75 ex VAT
2.50" S80S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC8065: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 66

£ 792.35 ex VAT
2.00" S80S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC8050: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 43

£ 438.50 ex VAT
1.50" S80S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC8040: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 31

£ 359.80 ex VAT
1.25" S80S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC8032: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 25.5 Kg

£ 328.65 ex VAT
1.00" S80S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC8025: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 18.46 Kg

£ 300.80 ex VAT
0.75" S80S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC8020: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 12.54 Kg

£ 197.25 ex VAT
0.50" S80S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC8015: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 9.24 Kg

£ 123.00 ex VAT
0.375" S10S Pipe Seamless 304L (cut/m)

PC8010: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 0

£ 105.20 ex VAT
10.0" S40S Pipe Welded 304L

PC4250W: Len: 6.1m, Wt: 368

£ 2,671.35 ex VAT
8.00" S40S Pipe Welded 304L

PC4200W: Len: 6.1m, Wt: 260

£ 1,923.20 ex VAT
6.00" S40S Pipe Welded 304L

PC4150W: Len: 6.1m, Wt: 173

£ 1,042.00 ex VAT
6.00" S40S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC4150S: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 161

£ 2,080.35 ex VAT
5.00" S40S Pipe Welded 304L

PC4125W: Len: 6.1m, Wt: 133

£ 871.10 ex VAT
4.00" S40S Pipe Welded 304L

PC4100W: Len: 6.1m, Wt: 98

£ 630.65 ex VAT
4.00" S40S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC4100S: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 92

£ 243.20 ex VAT
3.50" S40S Pipe Welded 304L

PC4090W: Len: 6.1m, Wt: 83

£ 535.05 ex VAT
3.00" S40S Pipe Welded 304L

PC4080W: Len: 6.1m, Wt: 69

£ 479.15 ex VAT
3.00" S40S Pipe Seamless 304L

PC4080S: Len: 5.7m, Wt: 65

£ 789.35 ex VAT
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