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Other Sensorized Units

Other Sensorized Units

The SKF range of sensorized units is not limited to deep groove ball bearings and the units described on the previous pages. In the course of the development, the sensor concept was implemented many years ago with other bearing types as well.

Several SKF publications are available with detailed information on these sensorized bearing units and can be supplied by request.

Sensorized units for road vehicles

Pioneering developments in engineering often start in vehicle construction. For reasons of both weight reduction and safety, more and more vehicles are being equipped with speed sensing devices. The optimum wheel speed sensor solution is however unique for each individual application. Depending on requirements the sensor can be either non-integrated or integrated to improve reliability, save weight and ease assembly. The sensor may also be either of

  • the passive type, which is capable to provide signals down to a speed of a few km/h sufficient for ABS or of
  • the active type, which can provide signals down to zero speed, necessary for systems such as traction control or navigation.

Whatever the solution, SKF can help to take advantage of these opportunities by offering a wide range of existing solutions for both car as well as truck hub units.

Sensorized units for rail vehicles

Operating conditions in rail vehicles are especially arduous. The units must not only tolerate vibration, impact loads, heavy loads and extreme temperatures, but must provide high operational reliability over great distances and with long maintenance intervals. The same is true for the integral sensors, which control the braking system, provide optimum frictional engagement of the driving wheels on starting-up and detect the direction of rotation.

The SKF sensorized tapered bearing units (TBU) for rail vehicles are compact, ready-to-mount and easy-to-install solutions, having a tapered roller bearing as the basic bearing.

Apart from these bearing units with speed sensors, bearing units with temperature sensors are also available from SKF. They enable immediate and permanent monitoring of bearing temperature, detecting hot-running axleboxes and bearing damage in operation.

Sensorized units for traction motors

Sensorized bearing units with integral speed and temperature sensors for railway drive systems, the traction motor bearing units (TMBU), are another speciality from SKF. Two standard basic versions are available

  • for the locating position, a deep groove ball bearing unit with a flanged outer ring for attachment to the motor shield
  • for the non-locating position, a cylindrical roller bearing unit.

The SKF TMBU concept combines in one unit all the functions important for the bearing arrangement, also including the insulation, if required.