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Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Sealed bearings - Grease life

The service life of the grease in sealed SKF deep groove ball bearings can be estimated using a diagram or the calculation program "Grease life for sealed bearings". The estimation is based on a L10 grease life. This is defined as the period, at the end of which 90% of a larger group of same bearings is still reliably lubricated.

The grease life mainly depends on

  • the applied grease,
  • the operating temperature
  • the speed and
  • the load.

Three diagrams are available:

  • – Diagram 1 for SKF bearings with MT33, MT47, LT10 or LT20 greases
  • – Diagram 2 for SKF bearings with GJN, GXN or LHT23 greases
  • – Diagram 3 for SKF bearings with the high temperature GWB grease

The diagrams provide a grease life estimation depending on operating temperature and speed. They are valid for light loads (C/P = 15). For heavier loaded bearings the grease life has to be reduced. Appropriate reduction factors are provided in the table. The speed is considered using the speed factor A:

A = n dm

A = speed factor, mm/min

n = rotational speed, r/min

dm = bearing mean diameter

= 0,5(d + D), mm

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