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Grease lubrication

Grease lubrication

Grease can be used to lubricate rolling bearings under normal operating conditions in the majority of applications.

Grease has the advantage over oil that it is more easily retained in the bearing arrangement, particularly where shafts are inclined or vertical, and it also contributes to sealing the arrangement against contaminants, moisture or water.

Excessive amounts of grease will cause the operating temperature within the bearing to rise rapidly, particularly when running at high speeds. As a general rule, when starting up only the bearing should be completely filled, while the free space in the housing should be partly filled with grease. Before operating at full speed, the excess grease in the bearing must be enabled to settle or escape during a running-in period. At the end of the running-in period the operating temperature will drop considerably, indicating that the grease has been distributed in the bearing arrangement.

However, where bearings are to operate at very low speeds and good protection against contamination and corrosion is required, it is advisable to fill the housing completely with grease.