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Designing associated components

Designing associated components

Particularly where large bearings are involved, it is often necessary to make provisions during the bearing arrangement design stage, to facilitate mounting and dismounting of the bearing, or even to make it possible at all. If, for example, slots or recesses are machined in the shaft and/or housing shoulders, it is possible to apply withdrawal tools (fig 1). Threaded holes in the housing shoulders also enable the use of screws to push the bearing from its seat (fig 2).

Fig 1

Fig 2

If the oil injection method is to be used to mount or dismount bearings on a tapered seat, or to dismount bearings from a cylindrical seat, it is necessary to provide ducts and grooves in the shaft (fig 3). The distance of the oil distribution groove from the side of the bearing from which mounting or dismounting is to be undertaken should be about one third of the seat width. Recommended dimensions for the appropriate grooves, ducts and threaded holes to connect the oil supply can be found in table and table.

Fig 3